About Malinda

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“Who loves their life that much?”

I was scrolling through my newsfeed when a life coach popped up. She was talking about how amazing her life was, and how lucky and blessed she was. I caught myself thinking about how any person could possibly be that happy.

Little did I know that coaching would change my life. At that point, I was stuck in a job that didn’t feel good. It hadn’t always been like that, in fact, I started off loving my job. But after a major corporate restructuring, the core of our culture was shifted, and with it, my core. The job I once signed up for was gone.

My body showed up to work but my heart wasn’t in it. For years, I did what I thought others would accept and approve of. I was putting on different masks, hiding my true self. I was a master of self-betrayal.

I created a front that said that I was still happy and satisfied – and loved my career. I asked for more responsibility (because that is what a successful career woman does). The company always came first. But complacency and resentment started to spill out and I became angrier and more exhausted. My mask was falling apart and I had to take action.

I had to ask myself: Who am I underneath it all?

I understood that I didn’t have to live that life anymore. That I could change the roles I’ve been playing and let go of the masks that I carried.

That’s when I found coaching. After going through years of therapy to address the past, I got the chance to look into the now and future. I learned that I have choices in my life and that my perspective affects what I create within myself.

Continuing with the limiting beliefs and assumptions about my career and future was no longer an option I wanted to choose. Instead of carrying the masks of who I should be, I understood that I could let go of them and put a new perspective on my life. An honest one.

I was let go during a corporate restructure and it was a blessing in disguise. I was prepared for my next career. I became an empowerment coach full-time. I’m very happy with the life that I chose to create – my work as a coach, and a life that is filled with more joy. But I don’t believe in rainbows or unicorns; it does take work to heal from within and to find yourself after years of hiding underneath masks.

When I look back at that moment in my life when I stumbled upon this coach in my newsfeed, I still believe that no one actually loves their life that much, but I know now that a more empowered way of living is possible when you are honest with yourself and open to answering the hard questions.

If you’re ready to let go of your own masks and work with a coach that is honest and direct, but also empathetic and supportive, you’ve come to the right place.

What They Say

~ Krista Hershey, West Hartford CT

“Malinda is a masterful coach. She helped me move from being stuck and overwhelmed to actually wanting to take the action steps that would serve me as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Her gentle spirit and active listen skills were just what I needed to move forward.”

~ William Perry

“I came to Malinda after I had all but given up. I had a life tragedy and then my career basically vanished after 20 years. Through a six month process of sessions, Malinda was able to get me back into focus, and actually excited about possibilities. I came out a very different person, with a much different outlook, and knew myself MUCH better. I am currently, and very excitedly pursuing a completely different career, and life, and much happier for it! I can’t recommend Malinda enough to anyone who is in the situation I was in feeling lost, terrified, and not sure what to do.”

~ Rory Liebhart

“I’m grateful to have worked with Malinda Norris. Malinda helped me re-frame my goals and desires in life across my career, interpersonal relationships and for myself individually. Malinda provided the highest value experience for me from a position of knowledge, in-depth training, professionalism and conscientiousness. I can’t thank Malinda enough for the tools she gave me to achieve a better life for myself.”

~ Darcy

“The minute our session started, I knew I was in beautiful, loving hands with Malinda. She is very very clear and grounded in her work and in my time with her I was able to go deep into my issue of extreme overeating. It was a wonderful experience and I felt Malinda’s perfect guidance and gentleness at all times. Trust was ever-present. She has such a lovely vibrational energy and is so dedicated to serving others through her coaching offerings. Through our process I was able to express and release emotions that were new to my awareness. As a result, my eating behavior was amazingly altered that very night! Thank you so much Malinda for leading the way for me to regain my sense of control and befriend my higher self.”

~ Pamela K. Foster "Licensed Massage Therapist" Seattle, Washington

“Although I am regarded as successful in my field of massage therapy, I truly believe that everyone can benefit by having a coach! My practice was moving along at its usual pace of 25-30 hours weekly. However, I felt that there was something more “out there”…some further contribution that I could make to my profession as well as enliven myself. When Malinda put out a general announcement about her services, I jumped at the chance and call. My experience was that Malinda provides practical and pragmatic feedback, moving in incremental and progressive steps to help me create changes to reach my stated goals. She did this with compassion, understanding and humor while still maintaining accountability. The benefits of working with a skilled coach are often subtle. Malinda was quite talented in guiding me through a process of problem-solving while giving me the impression that I thought of ALL OF IT! And, of course, this is only a small part of her talent. I would recommend her services to anyone, quite frankly, whether someone desires to work towards a goal or is simply feeling stuck in a life challenge. As Malinda tailors the session to meet a client’s needs, she helps clarify and deconstruct a challenge and assists the client in building and attaining their goals.”

~ Louise Sportelli

“I began working with Malinda when I was starting my own journey to becoming an executive coach. I was a couple years into starting my own freelance practice as trainer and was adding coaching to my repertoire. In addition to building my business, I was also in the midst of trying to sell a home and balance other family concerns. Also, I had never worked with a coach although I was involved in training managers and supervisors in coaching skills. I thought I should find out what it was like to BE coached. Malinda was a great first coach for me. She is non-judgmental and helped me believe in myself and my abilities at a time when I was questioning if I was on the right path. Her style as a coach is different than mine but I learned a lot from her. I have since worked with other coaches but Malinda remains the best! The greatest benefit for me was the opportunity to bring clarity to whatever issue I was currently fretting about. Everything seemed much more manageable after talking to Malinda. I think Malinda is a wonderful coach and I encourage anyone interested to talk to her further about her services.”

~ Diane H

“Malinda is a supportive, compassionate, cheerleader who challenges you to become your best self.”

~ Mila Dorosh

“I’ve experienced Malinda’s nourishing and transformational coaching in one on one sessions and in a mastermind group that she led for women’s authentic presence. She is a naturally gifted coach, in her presence I feel like my soul is welcomed to speak up its truth. As I write this review and recall the sessions, I immediately feel so much calmer and present than just a moment ago. I truly recommend Malinda as a coach if you are looking for inner balance, authentic presence in your life or simply feeling out of sorts with yourself or the world right now. I guarantee you would become more aware and tuned into your inner voice. “